Full name

Susan L. Lin


Graphic Designer


San Diego, CA


Born in Tennessee and raised in Texas, Susan graduated summa cum laude from the University of Houston in 2009 with university honors, honors in English, and a minor in studio art. Her senior thesis, Goodbye to the Ocean (formerly known as The Butterfly Collector), received an honorable mention UH honors thesis award in 2009 and was a semi-finalist in the 2012 Gold Line Press fiction chapbook competition.

Susan completed her MFA in Writing at California College of the Arts in 2013. Her short story "This is Why the Monster Stays" received the 2012 graduate all-college honors award for creative prose and later appeared in Hayden's Ferry Review. She also served as the art director (issue 13) and publisher liaison (issue 15) of Eleven Eleven and was the teaching assistant for CCA's undergraduate literary journal, Humble Pie (volumes 7 and 8) in the 2012-13 school year. She has also worked as a graphic designer for Asymptote Journal and the visual arts editor for Newfound Journal's Hothouse Magazine.

Susan is currently hard at work on a novel about dinosaurs, set in a world obsessed with hybridization and artificiality. She is also developing a spin-off webcomic series starring the toy dinosaurs featured in the novel and has a few related short film scripts in the works.

Prose: 2 excerpts from Goodbye to the Ocean, The Frank Martin Review (2015) [forthcoming]
Prose: "Dear Earth," pacificREVIEW: Vivarium (August 2015) [order]
^ Prose: "The Cone of Uncertainty," Slim Volume: Wherever You Roam (Pankhearst 2015) [order]
Stage Play: "Come Back to Me," Qu (Spring 2015) [order | read it online]
Prose: "Artificial Wings," The Perch (Spring 2015) [read it online (page 17)]
Prose: "27," I Am: Twenty-Seven (2014) [read it online]
Prose: "Brief Spaces of Light," Treehouse (September 2014) [read it online]
Poetry: "Runway," FLARE: The Flagler Review (Summer 2014) [read it online]
Prose: "I've Paid the Same Amount at a Motel 6 Before," The Gambler (July 2014) [read it online]
Prose: "The Water's in My Face and I'm Swallowing," Portland Review (Spring 2014) [order]
! Prose: "That Morning, in the Unforeseen Future," Souvenir Lit (Summer 2014) [read it online]
Prose: "Apertures," Hypertext Magazine (April 2014) [read it online]
Poetry: "Dream Pizza Skyscraper," Lime Hawk Literary Arts Collective (April 2014) [read it online]
Prose: "A Miniature Replica," Meat for Tea: Chrysanthemum (Spring 2014) [order]
Poetry: "When You Are Sleeping," Really System (Spring 2014) [read it online]
Prose: "The Shrouded Parent," Have U Seen My Whale (Spring 2014) [read it online]
Prose: "An Unfortunate Case of Myopia," Gravel Magazine (March 2014) [read it online]
Prose: 3 micro fictions, MadHat Annual (Winter 2014) [read it online]
Book Review: …Proximal Alphabets by Kathleen Alcott, Eleven Eleven (Summer 2013) [order]
Photo Essay: "The Cone of Uncertainty," Midway Journal (Summer 2013) [read it online]
Prose: “A Lifetime Spent Documenting the World,” Ghost Town (Summer 2013) [read it online]
! Prose: “This is Why the Monster Stays,” Hayden’s Ferry Review (Spring/Summer 2013) [order]
Prose: “An Unwanted Casket,” The Way We Sleep (Curbside Splendor, December 2012) [order]
Book Review: Bright Before Us by Katie Arnold-Ratliff, Eleven Eleven (2012) [order | read it online]
Poetry: “House of Cards EP,” Poet Lore (Fall/Winter 2010) [order]
Poetry: "What Happens Behind Boarded Windows," Poet Lore (Fall/Winter 2010) [order]
! Prose: “What Goes Down, Must Come Back Up,” Rougarou (Fall 2010) [read it online]
Prose: “The Present is Where My Body Lies,” elimae (October 2010) [read it online]

! denotes Pushcart Prize nominee
^ denotes reprint

Other Writing + Art Samples
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5 anagram graphics for the 2015 #RemixReallySystem project [link]
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Various blog posts for Eleven Eleven [link]
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The Butterfly Collector at the UH Honors College website [link]

"27," Sept. 2014 (I Am: Twenty-Seven webzine) [audio]
"This is Why the Monster Stays,” May 13, 2013 (live Ustream only)
Selections from Tyrannosaurus Rexia, April 19, 2013 (CCA Timken Hall, SF) [video]
“(Wish) You Were Here,” Dec. 15, 2012 (Angel Island State Park) [video]
“An Unwanted Casket,” Dec. 2012 (The Way We Sleep Blog Tour) [video]