T-Rexia: A Thesis (2013): front and back covers

T-Rexia: A Thesis (2013): debossed spines

T-Rexia: A Thesis (2013): third in an edition of three bound copies

T-Rexia: A Thesis (2013): title and signature page

T-Rexia: A Thesis (2013): inside view, text layout and design

DINOSAUR (2012): letterpress-ed vellum cover

DINOSAUR (2012): Triceratops pop-up

DINOSAUR (2012): Brontosaurus pop-up

Bones (2013): back cover

Bones (2013): simple accordion with circular cutouts

Bones (2013): opposite side view

People Rhymes with Peephole (2013): front cover and slip jacket

People Rhymes with Peephole (2013): inside view

People Rhymes with Peephole (2013): inside view with vellum

Tyrannosaurus Rexia: Books

A series of handmade books inspired by my MFA thesis and novel-in-progress, Tyrannosaurus Rexia. The full-length narrative explores themes of hybridization, artificiality, technological advancement, de(con)struction of body, and prehistoric life on Earth.

bookbinding, book design, illustration, letterpress, pop-ups